Asia – Truly Exotic


There might be times in the past when a vacation to Asia may seem like a distant, outlandish ambition but now more and more travelers have started to discover the fascinating facts about the earth's largest continent. Smart travelers, Honeymoon couples, and families are more than eager to take that long trip to Asia to make their trip to Asia a memorable one!

Perfect Destination for Luxury travelers:

Asia has become the most gradually evolving destination for international luxury travelers. The Asian continent continues to be the favorite pick compared to Africa and Latin America.

The vast continent has loads and loads of surprises to unfold to all types of vacationers. Do you need an exotic location to chill out; here it has Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

Asia has played and will continue to play a major role in the luxury travel market. Mainland China remains a favorite destination for new openings from big brand hotels, with its major draws being Tokyo, followed by Osaka. The Mainland Chinese outbound market has also attracted many international operators and remains as an undisputed favorite travel destination in Asia. Find more information on 365 travel asia from .

Well now why is there so much hype and craze about travelling to Asian Countries? When we start to ponder on the reasons, it actually instigates more and more craving to travel to Asia at least once in a lifetime.

  • Asia is a Land of Diversity:
"While stuffing too much and trying to cover too much in one trip is sure to end up with a stressful vacation, having preferences is always a good thing. Asia unveils unlimited opportunities to tailor the trip of your desire.  Be it a travel within one country or to several countries while on the same trip."
  • The Food Is Fantastic
Food is a very serious aspect in Asia, and the long culinary history and expertise comes out in every dish. If you are a person who has a feeling that all Asian food is spicy or unidentifiable, it is high time you give a second thought. Adventurous eaters can certainly sample dishes and in fact you are going to have some serious trouble choosing between all the delicious and fragrant dishes on the menu. One major catch it has is the smaller portions and cheap prices of the dishes that make it possible to try several new items at each meal without taking shedding too much out of your shell.

Family Friendly Asia

In Asia it is the family structure that commands respect and attracts lots of travellers to come and experience the tradition and customs. The respect to elders and the concept of joint families are aspects that are valued and looked up to in many western countries. Families are often tightly knit and Family ancestors are honored in homes and temples.Asian people are incredibly friendly and you'll enjoy interesting interactions. The belief of destiny rules daily life in many places, providing a friendly ambiance that endures in Asia.

Asia Can Be Cheap

You certainly get a lot of stuff to take back from Asia with comparatively fewer bucks to spend. Food, accommodation, and events everything can be accessed for a lesser amount when compared to more expensive destinations such as Europe or the Caribbean. Asia is an apt place where travelers can enjoy a higher level of luxury and comfort on a budget than they could elsewhere. With more spending power you could possibly plan to add on tours and activities.
Also remember negotiating skills plays an integral part of daily life in Asia, This makes Asia the perfect choice for economical and prudent travelers.

  • Asia Is Safe:
According to a recent release from the US Department of State, violent crime is much lower in Bangkok -- a city of 15 million people -- than in American cities with smaller populations.  This proves that Asia is a statistically safe place to travel.

Thrilling Wildlife:

Asia is marvelous for rare and exotic wildlife combats. Your trip itineraries are sure to include observing wildlife only seen in zoos throughout the rest of the world.Orangutans, Komodo dragons, tarsiers, gibbons, and pandas are among the scarcest of species that could be found only outside of captivity in Asia. Elephant rides and encounters are frequent events in Southeast Asia, India, and other places.

Now in the air is the emerging trend where International Travel has become a basic life style requirement rather than a luxury. Newly wed couples take up International Honeymoon packages as an essential. There are couples like Karolina and Bartek Wudniak, who have been travelling the world since the last 200 days and they have no intention of stopping. Hence, the pair has named their expedition the never-ending honeymoon.  For this couple the main countries of attraction are in the Asian continent and up to date they have expedited over 40 countries.  Who knows!!! They might have planned a 365 travel with 360-degree landscape coverage.

The “ASEAN plus Three” Visa Exemption Deal:
The Federation of ASEAN Travel Association (FATA) has proposed a plan to waive entry visa requirements for travelers among 10 nations, as well as China, Japan and South Korea, in order to boost the regional tourism industry.  If this proposal comes into force, tourists can travel through at any time for a minimum stay of 14 days. This ASEAN Visa would work just like a Schengen Visa, allowing non-ASEAN residents to travel through the region on a single visa.
Visa facilitation has experienced strong progress in recent years, particularly through the implementation of Visa on Arrival policies. This is certainly sure to show an upward trend in tourism and economic growth.
Places in Asia where On Arrival Visa is facilitated are:

  • Thailand
  • Bhutan
  • Cambodia
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq
  • Nepal
  • Maldives
  • Jordan
  • Timor Leste
  • Laos
  • South Korea and
  • Tajikistan.

The Future of Online Tourism in Asia:
The year 2017 will be an important milestone for the online travel industry, with new indicationadvocatingthat Asia-Pacific will surpass North America as the world’s largest region for digital travel spending next year. The shift has important inferences for any travel marketer thinking about which travel segments to target and where to focus their investments in the years to come. 

According to new forecasts, Asia’s digital travel market will overtake North America’s as the world’s largest in 2017.